Assisting ESCOs and Retail Energy Providers

AEC Advanced Energy Capital

AEC’s mission has been to provide competitive energy clients with cost-efficient finance solutions. This includes:

  • Provide growth capital to REPs that market green energy, in the form of well-priced Mezzanine debt layered over existing senior wholesale supply lines of credit.
  • Create valuable educational networking opportunities for the retail energy industry, as co-founder of New York’s Energy Marketing Conferences (
  • Support Retail Energy Providers or REPs: We have developed and implemented a complete protocol of credit products, operational controls, and monitoring tools, which have resulted in the financing of approximately $300 million in energy sales. Our facilities allow REPs to focus on selling and ensure that an adequate supply of energy is within their reach.
  • Reduce or Eliminate ISO/Power-Grid Deposits: The combination of AEC and a National Energy Wholesaler helps position an REP for growth by freeing up “trapped” capital and by providing substantial cash lines and supply lines of credit. Reduce cash drag by reducing frequency of power supply payments from weekly to monthly.
  • Lower the Cost of Financing to REPs: Better all-in pricing than typical cash facilities, factoring arrangements or supplier-provided financing. The vast majority facility costs are variable and tiered for volume growth.
  • Provide More Reliability and Continuity: AEC’s core business is supporting our commitments and we are strongly incentivized to help you grow. AEC’s structure, protocol, and experience provide the Energy Wholesaler with the confidence to provide REPs with their supply needs via a joint lien.
  • Allow for Flexible Sizing of Facilities: Remarketers need to know that, in peak season, they can maximize sales and take on new customers. Our facility size takes peak sales into account, allowing remarketers to aggressively seek growth.
  • Assist REPs to Grow: A National Energy Wholesaler coupled with unique structure and oversight of AEC means that there is potential for very large scalability of the facility.
  • Lend and Support Unbilled Receivables, Natural Gas as well as Power: Advance rates and structure specifically allow for meaningful advance rates on eligible unbilled receivables. Unbilled receivables can double a facility’s size.


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