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AEC Installment Sales Program

30 seconds to Approve – 12 months to pay

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Customers are reluctant to pay for their projects all at once upon installation. Even when customers agree to pay, the burden is on the contractors to collect and wait for the payments.

Solution: AEC’s Installment Sales Program

  • Contractors are paid 100% of customer balance upon installation
    • (Less a 2% credit card processing fee)
  • Customers pay AEC over 12 months using the excess credit on their credit cards
    • 12 equal payments on their credit cards
  • 30 seconds to sign up, no credit check!

AEC Installment Sales Program Plan


  • Cash flow improvement for contractors
  • Contractor has no customer credit risk
  • Contractor has no collections responsibility (and expense)
  • Contractor can offer projects as “no money down” proposals
  • No credit check processes
  • Signing up is easy and fast – approval in 30 seconds or less!
  • Secure online portal
  • Visa, Mastercard, or Discover cards accepted


AEC Monthly Payments Checkout

AEC Card Information

AEC Installment Summary Plan