AEC Cash Advance

AEC Advanced Energy Capital

AEC Cash Advance, LLC is an affiliate of Advanced Energy Capital (AEC), a specialty finance company dedicated to serving the small to medium size commercial businesses. AEC is managed by a team of credit professionals who have executed hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to a variety of businesses since 2003, and have been in the credit and investment business since 1997.

AEC Cash Advance is a direct funding source supplying working capital, nationwide, to companies for the funding of customer acquisition programs.

AEC Cash Advance programs can finance up to 100% of the cost of telemarketing and door-to-door sales efforts. In a world where only one in every 50,000 businesses succeed after 5 years, our cash advance financing is dedicated to giving small- to medium-sized businesses the advantage of fast access to cash to be used for telemarketing to help fuel their growth and ensure their success.

In the last few years nearly 92% of all business owners who apply for conventional bank business loans get rejected. Only 1% of businesses who need it actually qualify for venture capital. AEC Cash Advance is a great option for business owners as approvals are easier, the structure is more flexible, and getting the money is much faster. AEC Cash Advance does not rely on the business’s credit. Approvals and funding can occur within a week.


  • AEC will advance cash to businesses by purchasing future sales, at a discount, today.
  • AEC can advance as little at $10,000 or as much as $1,000,000 in as quickly as a week.
  • When AEC purchases the future sales, the customer will receive cash today and can put marketing dollars to work immediately, thereby earning the profits on those customers for years to come.
  • The purchase by AEC of the future sales is not a loan, has no fixed payments, does not require collateral for repayment, and is, generally, not personally guaranteed.
  • The payment of the future sales matches the customer’s ability to pay them. If sales shrink, the monthly payments to AEC will shrink, and if sales grow, the monthly payments will grow as well, shortening the payment period over which AEC will receive its purchased sales.
  • AEC has the right to automatically debit the account for a certain percentage of sales as these sales come in until the amount of purchased future sales are paid to AEC.

AEC Cash Advance Program


  • No fixed time period: Companies pay based on a fixed % of their future sales
  • Cash Advances work well with the businesses’ cash flow: If sales slow down, so does the payback
  • No fixed interest rate
  • No fixed monthly payment to worry about
  • No hard assets to secure repayment
  • No late fees or penalties if time frame is longer than expected
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No personal guarantee (absent fraud, breach of contract, or efforts to thwart payment to AEC of its purchased sales)
  • The amount is never reported to credit bureaus, unless the business violates the agreement
  • Minimal credit requirements
  • Speed: Businesses can obtain cash in as little as 3-5 days. Businesses can get working capital without having to wait months for a traditional business loan
  • Easy to Renew: Businesses can receive another advance within as soon as 3 months after the first advance
  • The business credit history is often irrelevant
  • High Approval Rate: Cash Advances typically have minimal requirements and thus have very few rejections. Businesses who have been rejected for conventional bank loans can get a Cash
  • Advance to fuel growth
  • Cash Advances do NOT require an elaborate and time-consuming business plan or proposal (as a typical bank loan would)
  • Cash Advances place no restrictions on how the business decides to use the funds (as a typical bank loan would)
  • Cash Advances are solely determined on business performance. The more sales the business generates, the larger its cash advance can be.
  • Any US-based business that has been in business for at least six months can qualify for a Cash Advance
  • Applying for a Cash Advance is quick, and can either be completed via phone or by an online form
  • After submission, the business will be notified within 48 hours of the amount the Cash Advance
  • The AEC Cash Advance customer support team is friendly and always available to address questions


Telemarketers –
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Retail Energy Providers (“REPs” or “ESCOs”) –
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